Moving house mobile Apps

Here are some great mobile apps to help you when looking to buy a property, help you through the moving process and to help set up your home once you are in!

Useful apps when looking to buy

Rightmove – This is the biggest property app available, allowing you to browse thousands of homes for rent or sale according to your search criteria. Their properties come with a full description and multiple images.

UK Mortgage Calculator – This app has 5 mortgage calculators in one and gives you an idea of how much you can borrow, including a monthly payment calculator and a remortgage comparison calculator.

Crime map England & Wales – You can use this app to see where crime and anti social behaviour is occurring across the country. This is great for people wanting to check out the safety of their potential new neighbourhood. – Easily test the broadband connection speed for any fixed address from your mobile phone.

Useful apps to use during the moving process

iMove – This app has many useful functions to help you keep track of everything whilst moving house. It will help you create a moving budget to make sure you don’t run short of money and has the option to create a virtual inventory.

MoveTools – This is similar to iMove but includes comprehensive to do lists, sketched across a timeline so that you can keep track of everything. Other features include an online label creator to help keep you organised as well as general moving tips to help you along the way.

Inventory App – Allows you to log and keep track of every item you’re moving to ensure that nothing gets lost or forgotten about. It also has a setting that means you can log the items under certain rooms, making the unpacking process easier.

Useful apps to help set up your home after a move

Sunseeker: 3D Augmented reality viewer – This is a great app which allows you to determine the lighting and light sources within a room, a great help when trying to choose the best colour to paint a room when you’re settled in.

Build App Pro – Perfect to get organised before the heavy lifting begins. This app helps with organising a room’s layout, for optimal positioning of furniture so that you can get the most out of each room.

If you can think of any more that we should include let us know!

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